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Under the direction of owner Paul Smith, Just 4resh Dezigns has partnered with brands around the nation to build successful business growth solutions for over 10 years that continue to accomplish the following:

  • Establish brand awareness and loyalty
  • Draw organic traffic
  • Drive visitors to purchase
  • Convert leads
  • Support digital marketing channels
  • Distinguish from the competition

Paul came highly recommended for graphic designs I needed. He is professional and his works speaks volumes. If you need logos, graphic designs or web design look no further. Paul is your man!

Ladonna Edwards
– Private Travel Agent
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Why J4D vs Fiverr and Big Agencies

We serve small to medium-sized businesses and funded startups who need big-picture thinking and detailed-oriented results to shape their brand. This means we consider the long-term effects while striving to provide short-term solutions. We also understand the need for quick turnarounds, but efficiency and quality should always be present.

We want your investment in good design to start having immediate results, and with Just 4resh Dezigns you get the best of both worlds, ensuring inevitable growth.

They fail to ask questions like “How is your company positioned among others in the marketplace? Who are your ideal customers? What appeals to your audience? What are your goals? Why are you doing this business anyway, and how is that purpose connected to your brand’s design?”

If questions like these are important to you; which they should be, not just any freelance graphic designer is a good fit for your project. You might need bigger-picture thinking.

For branding projects that are large, very complex, and require many different skill sets, consider hiring an agency. However, be clear on the outcomes you’re looking for. Months of meetings about brand ethos with a 25-page rationale can be useful for some companies, but they can bog down others who need deliverables quickly.

In general, with high risk, and large budgets, open time tables, hire a large agency. But for some businesses, this might be overkill. 

Paul came highly recommended for graphic designs I needed. He is professional and his works speaks volumes. If you need logos, graphic designs or web design look no further. Paul is your man!

Ladonna Edwards | Private Travel Agent

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Creating innovative and engaging growth solutions across brand identities, print, and digital platforms for all community business owners.

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Paul Smith, MA - Owner of Just 4resh Dezigns
Paul Smith, MA - Owner of Just 4resh Dezigns

About owner, Paul Smith

A multifaceted marketing designer and creative leader with over ten years of professional experience in agency environments, including non-profit.

Masters in Communication
New Media and Marketing

Bachelors in Computer Graphics Technology
Multimedia, Web & Graphic Design

Interview Paul

As a creative leader of 10 years in the digital industry where attention span equals revenue, I truly appreciate the time taken to hear my account of how a Indy kid became the owner of Just 4resh Dezigns; a design studio providing creative marketing solutions nationwide.

Starting with a laptop and an entrepreneurial spirit, I began freelancing on the campus of IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis). There, I provided branding and marketing to university departments, student organizations, and local businesses. This was done all while studying Graphic, Web, and Multimedia Design. After seeing the fruits of my labor as an evolving entrepreneur, I decided to enhance my stock with a Master’s in Communication (New Media and Marketing) from Southern New Hampshire University. Shortly after, I knew Just 4resh Dezigns would be the premier choice for professional creative services for all looking to invest in themselves or business.

Along this journey, like other entrepreneurs, I often questioned ‘why am doing this’ or fell into ruts with excuses like ‘the world is too saturated with so-called designers’. More often than not, as a young African American business owner, I second-guessed whether or not to promote myself visually due to the fear of not being accepted or taken seriously by all. I can admit it has taken major strides to gain the confidence to present myself firmly in an industry where visual creativity is subjective.

However, through adversity I stand unquestionably tall for my representation is needed by those in similar shoes: goal-oriented, hard-working, doers, shakers, game changers that just so happen to be young, old, male, female, non-binary, and any color of the rainbow striving to grow and invest in themselves.

With proven results, I provide creative services tailored to the client’s goals spanning from:

  • Logo and branding design
  • Results-focused website and e-commerce design
  • Promotional and business collateral
  • Digital marketing and integration solutions

I not only cater to current needs but also provide strategic ideation to aid in producing results never measured. By blending innovation with practicality I have the privilege to contribute as a creative director, developer, and marketing liaison for many start-ups and established businesses.

As you strive to reach your goals and aspirations in life remember to do so with purposeful intent. And with that, fear not perfection, for we’ll never reach the height of The Almighty while in this world. Therefore, do something, for you only fail if you do nothing.

Success is an accomplishment of obtaining something of value in the eyes of the person that deems that something of value with their pursuit of it. Therefore, success is subjective so judge not.