Description and Details

Show your business is federally secured with a legal-marked logo. This service applies the R and TM marks to your master logo design file. You will receive an edited logo file for both R and TM marks in an Ai format.

For additional multimedia files such as JPGs and PNGs, purchase our Multimedia & Growth Buildkit for the desired mark. Want files for each legal mark logo, purchase (2) MG Buildkits.

Vectorized Logo files required for service. Examples: Ai, SVG, ESP

The Process

How to start protecting your brand

  • Complete Intake Form and payment

  • Provide your logo design file via emailed request

  • We apply legal marks to your logo file

  • Multimedia logo files are created*

  • We deliver finalized logo file

*Brand Enhancements

Click options below to learn more about optional add-ons

All brands need vectorized logo files. They are essential for print collateral and marketing materials. You can not edit, revamp, or enhance your logo without a vectorized master file. Click to learn more

With this service, we take your vectorized file and development a suite of multimedia logo files for your brand marketing. Click to learn more

What’s provided with service:

  • Formats: Digital RGB and Print CMYK files
  • 3 File Sizes: 300 Small, 600 Medium, and 1200 Large
  • File Types: PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, ESP
  • Color Variations: Full Color, Black*, White*, Alternative*
  • When to use File Guide

Quick Intake

After submission and payment, you will be sent a logo file request.
Example: bottom right corner of Baker in "The Max Baker"