Description and Details

Your brand logo will be used in different situations. Be it large or small, black or white, print or the web. No matter the situation, you will want to do all you can to ensure it looks good in every scenario. With this service, we take your vectorized file and development a suite of files for your brand marketing.

Vectorized Master Design File Required. Example file formats: Ai, SVG, ESP

Need a vectorized logo design file? Click here to get your brand-essential logo design file.

What’s included with service:

  • Formats: Digital RGB and Print CMYK files
  • 3 File Sizes: 300 Small, 600 Medium, and 1200 Large
  • File Types: PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, ESP
  • Color Variations: Full Color, Black*, White*, Alternative*
  • When to use File Guide

The Process:

  • Complete Intake Form and payment

  • Provide your logo design file via emailed request

  • We begin production | 2 business day turnaround

  • We deliver finalized logo file package

Quick Intake

After submission and payment, you will be sent a logo file request.