Description and Details

QR Codes offer a new way of doing traditional marketing. They equip your marketing material with the necessary tools to understand if an ad translated to product sales so you can optimize your campaigns over time.

Customize your QRCode to emphasize your brand with your brand colors and logo. Plus, with our suite tracking feature, know whether your efforts reach your target audience.

The Benefits
  • Track your total and unique scans
  • Scans by top cities and countries
  • Tracking based on operation system
  • Shareable CSV report
What’s Included
  • Custom QRCode (PNG, JPG, EPS)
  • Shorten Url Link
  • QR Code Performance Report

Discern your target audience.

Find out how customers reached your products, services, and digital platforms.

See if a particular design change improved traffic to your website.

Help you identify fake traffic, set expectations and goals based on your traffic history.

Give you more clarity on what is working and what needs to be improved.

Guide your marketing campaign in a strategic and informed way