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Creative Brand and Marketing Direction

Our mission as your growth partner is to provide you with the guidance you need to achieve your goals to start, expand, and grow.

We are passionate about helping you grow your business. As a bonus member of your team, we prevent someone not fully adept at successfully blending creative and technical skill sets to create efficient and effective digital marketing strategies that improve brand awareness, online user engagement, and revenue generation all in one.


Can you benefit from a Brand Marketing Specialist?

Are you in the position to free up time for you and your in-house team to perform more value-adding tasks and identify media and communications strategies that will allow you to capitalize on the anticipated market growth?

Tasks could be anything from strategy, digital marketing, graphic design, web development and multimedia design to name a few.

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Cost Savings

Contractor vs Employee Salary

Efficiency & Quality

Specialist vs Task-taker

Growth & Scaling

Brand Potential vs Repetitiveness

Creative Brand Specialist

Things to consider

Typically, a creative consultant is someone who is associated with design. However, he or she also needs to possess the necessary temperament to collaborate with cross-functional teams. It’s important for said person to passionately put on different hats to come up with creative solutions for your business.

A creative consultant must also be able to pitch and defend his/her point of view while keeping an appetite for learning. This proves the flexibility in thinking that pairs well a curious attitude, and ability to research.

Creative Brand Specialist
Additional qualifications we possess benefit your business:
  • Degreed expertise in Graphic Design, Website Design, and Multimedia

  • Mastery level degreed expertise in Communications – New Media and Marketing

  • Diverse conceptualization skills

  • Forever growing proficiency in industry-standard systems, tools, and practices
  • Ability to use collaboration tools such as Asana, Teamwork, Slack and more
  • Problem-solving skills with a creative flair
  • Flair to persuade clients
  • 10+ years experience in project management

  • A technical and an analytical approach to situations
  • Ability to tell a story; build and articulate the core narrative compellingly

Reach your goals without outsourcing your vision.

You don’t have to have your eyes on all pieces of your business for it to grow. Hire a creative director to help make your business vision a reality. A team member that will keep your brand represented seamlessly across every touchpoint.

Get customized expertise as often as you need it.

Growth and Success

Without adding more to your plate

Stop making business decisions alone. Put an end to the procrastination of your brand priorities. Get expert insights on all aspects of your business to create a brand experience and company culture that reflects your vision. How we help as part of your team:

Strategy and Support

Just 4resh Dezigns is here to help your business grow! First, we start with in-depth discussions regarding your goals, needs, and current brand marketing climate. Here we identify target audiences and the needed message.

Direction and Planning

Once we have conducted an in-depth discussion, it is time to draw up a plan of action using said requirements and always aligning with your brand standards. Here’s where we outline budget estimates, timelines, and possible challenges.

Design Specialist and Support

With a plan set forth, let’s turn your vision into reality. First, J4D launches the vehicle to effectively ensure the intended message, goal, and campaign delivery. To achieve this, we use professional graphic design as subtle triggers and persuade people to take the desired action. And, of course, keeping in mind the brand guidelines and the tone of voice while working on various brand marketing collaterals and other assets.

Brand Marketing Specialist

In addition to the responsibilities described above, we effectively blend these elements to bring out the ideas of balance, harmony, and chaos as we generate new creative ideas, designs, concepts, and approaches to aid your business growth and goals.

What’s Included in Investment?

All packages are flexible and completely customizable to your company and the season of business you’re in. Investment ranges from $250 to $1,200 USD per month.

Brand Strategy Support
Ongoing Project Discounts
Brand Style Management
Graphic Artist Support

Digital Marketing Support
Vendor Relations
Monthly Deliverables
Monthly Meetings


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