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Unfortunately, there is no one type of logo that works for everyone, Wheeler says. “Which fits you best depends a lot on your name and what you provide or make.”

For example, if you have a short company name like eBay, a wordmark logotype could work well. Wordmarks and letterform logos generally help consumers remember your name better than abstract logos. If you opt for an abstract symbol; however, be sure it’s straightforward and mirrors the personality of your brand.

Your logo, from the color to the shape, should provide an immediate sense of what your company is all about.

“When people look at it, they should get a feel for your brand personality and your distinctive point of view,” Wheeler says. “They should know that you’re different from your competitors, you’re professional, a real business and you’re confident and successful in what you do.”

Amazon’s logo, represented by the company’s name, with an arrow below it pointing from the “a” to the “z,” is an example of a logo that embodies its namesake’s brand identity exceptionally well, according to Wheeler. “The arrow doubles as a smile that conveys friendly customer service and it connects the ‘a’ to the ‘z’ because Amazon offers everything A to Z. It’s all there.”

Although the reader is generally not aware of it, every font elicits an emotional response. Serif, sans serif, script, modern and novelty typefaces are all freighted with meaning.

Serif fonts – these imply tradition, heritage, respectability, and reliability. They’re like old friends but the younger crowd might see them as fuddy-duddy. Think Times New Roman or Baskerville. A company that wants to emphasize its pedigree or heritage would do well to choose a serif font.

Modern fonts – these fonts include Futura, Avant Garde, and Century Gothic. Strong and dependable but with a touch of chic sophistication as well. Modern fonts suit forward-looking brands—perhaps good for fashion, companies in niche markets, luxury brands and purveyors of the exclusive.

Sans serif – clean, simple, futuristic, sans serif typefaces are very popular, especially in educational applications. They’re easy to read and can play a neutral role. Look for Helvetica, Ariel or Franklin Gothic. These work well for companies that want to send out a straight forward message, that want to be seen as reliable and honest.

Script – cursive and handwritten fonts can be beautiful but care needs to be taken over legibility. A logo font may be very reduced in size and nobody is going to understand a message they can’t read or remember a company name that’s illegible. However, these issues notwithstanding, a script can convey elegance, femininity or creativity. A font that looks genuinely handwritten can also give your design a sense of informality or spontaneity

Novelty typefaces – a novelty or display typeface is any typeface that’s a little bit different from the norm—and generally one that you wouldn’t want to read a whole body of text in. These can work well for logos and wordtypes, and large companies will often have a display typeface designed specifically for their corporate logo. But be cautious! The joke can wear thin and staff and customers alike may tire of something overly childish (unless, of course, it is for a brand that is aimed at children). Examples of novelty typefaces include Spaceage Round, Jokerman, Matisse, Valencia and countless others.

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