5 Reasons to use a Social Media Calendar for Your Business

A social media content calendar is a planner for companies to plan out the content for their posts, the time for their publication, and the platforms they will publish on.

But why is a calendar important in the first place? Below are five reasons a business should take advantage of the benefits of social media content calendars.

1. Brainstorm Tool

When you start organizing your content topics with your team, the chances are that some will have a creativity surge, and you will have many new ideas. That will help you select better topics and reserve some for later use.

In addition, a content calendar will give you a better perspective of your overall marketing strategy. You’ll be able to align your post topics with your social media and email marketing content.

2. Stay Organized

Scribbling your content topics on crumpled pieces of paper, post-it notes, and in random notebooks isn’t an exceptionally reliable method. Also, it’s likely to drive you away from what’s essential amid many ideas and things to think about.

A calendar also allows you to create content in advance when you have the big picture of when everything is meant to go out. And this can help you mitigate the risk of mistakes by allowing you to review content ahead of time.

3. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is Key! The key to always being on your audience’s radar is daily offering them educational, relevant, and entertaining content.

Irregular posting leads to an out-of-sight-out-of-mind scenario no matter how much your audience likes your writing efforts.

4. Grow your social media marketing and reach

Growing an audience is no longer as simple as posting when you feel like it—consistency factors into a lot of platforms’ decisions to push certain content.

Content and social media marketing are intrinsically connected. A social media content calendar can help you identify your successful content pieces and use them in your paid social media advertising for growth and reach.

5. Track your engagement and performance

A calendar can also help you track post and campaign performance. By monitoring and analyzing your audience’s engagement and feedback, you can gain valuable insights into their preferences which you can later apply to your content.

Reference Contribution by Nina and Tamilore Oladipo

Our Growth Partner HubSpot has built this excellent resource template to help you develop your calendar.


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