Wordmark Brand Logos 101

You’ve probably seen tons of wordmark logos in your lifetime. Many of the biggest brands have chosen this type of logo to represent their visual identity. But why did they use a wordmark over a symbol, for example? And what does a wordmark logo technically mean when it comes to design?

In this post, we’re focusing on the wordmark logo (or logotype) — diving deep into what it means, its best use-cases, and some handy tips to keep in mind in the design process.

What is a wordmark logo?

A wordmark or logotype is, in essence, the name of a brand designed with the use of unique typography. There are a lot of different type-styles used for wordmarks — the most common being script, sans-serif, and serif. Some well-known iconic wordmarks are, for example, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Google, and Best Buy.

Why design a wordmark logo as opposed to using graphics?

Both types of logos have advantages, and the choice between a wordmark or brandmark is subjective and relative to what the business wants to portray. Using a wordmark is a good decision if you have a new business and name recognition is essential. Because of their simplicity, wordmark logos are easy for customers to understand.

What are the best use cases for a wordmark logo?

Length is critical. Wordmark logos work best when the business name is short and distinctive and sticks in the mind of potential customers. A long company name could become overly complicated quickly, resulting in an unprofessional appearance. A good wordmark for me is beautiful to look at, memorable, and useable within various display options.

How to choose the right typestyle

Start by describing the business; like colors, every typeface is associated with an adjective. For example, the color purple is usually associated with luxury. When it comes to type, I could picture a thick uppercase serif typeface or a solid, clean sans-serif uppercase typeface to represent luxury.

3 Keys to keep in Mind with Wordmark Brand Logos

Reference Contribution by Renee Fleck

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